An orangery is an attractive alternative to a conservatory and they are particularly popular for kitchen extensions and extensions that require privacy from a footpath or road that passes close by. An orangery will also provide privacy from above if it is overlooked from your own or a neighbouring property.

The flat roof of an orangery will provide shade from overhead sun and typically they are pierced with one or more glass roof lanterns that will provide light, as well as ventilation, from manually or electrically operated vents. Downlights are usually installed in the orangery ceiling to supplement the natural light and these can be dimmed depending on the mood you require.

Lead was the material used originally for the roof of an orangery and in the 18th century much of this would have been made locally on the banks of the Chester & Nantwich Canal. Lead does look great on an orangery roof as it ages and gets its patina, but it can be expensive to buy and fit. Modern synthetic materials provide more than adequate weatherproofing and is much cheaper to install.

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