All the oak used for our conservatories has been naturally seasoned, in other words, it is felled and allowed to dry and weather before it is hewn into the required shapes and sizes needed.

The result is superior to the more usual green (unseasoned), or kiln-dried oak that has been ‘quick-dried’ in an oven that as a result, tends to warp and split when natural weathering occurs.

This means that when the seasoned oak is turned into timber frames, every upright stays true, every joint tight and weatherproof for years to come.

The oak frames will retain their natural honey oak figuring and colour on the inside and you have a choice of finishes on the outside.

You might prefer an external microporous finish in white or a colour, or a warm medium oak finish that is popular with many clients as it provides protection against uv light degradation. Of course, you can go for simplicity and a natural look by opting for a stain or oil free finish that after two or three years will allow the timber to turn silvery grey.

The choice of whether or not to stain the oak is yours and will be determined by your own personal preference and perhaps by the style and location of the conservatory.


Conservatory design requires specialist knowledge of timber and load bearing capabilities, the pros and cons of various types of glazing and numerous other details.

To achieve the conservatory design you require you will need to spend a little time with one of our designers who can show you on their laptop how your dream conservatory can be built to meet your budget. This is just the first stage in the process and as discussed on other pages of this website, changes in the conservatory design may be needed to meet local planning approval and building regulations.


All our bespoke conservatories and custom built orangeries are designed by our specialist draughtsmen and are created to reflect our clients' vision and aspirations. Every client brief is different and so are our conservatory designs.

Of course making a bespoke conservatory can take a little longer than just buying a standard design, but it does mean that you end up with a wood conservatory that will match your property and not look like a badly stuck on afterthought. And like a bespoke suit it will last for years, look absolutely stunning and be a talking point with friends and neighbours. Surprisingly, it won’t cost the earth, but you don’t have to share that secret with them!

To discuss the type of conservatory you are looking for, contact us now and talk to one of our conservatory designers.