If you live in a modern home, a contemporary conservatory with clean uncluttered lines and large expanses of glass will probably suit your needs. However, if you live in a period property, especially if it is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area, and there are many of these in Chester, you will need to think about a traditional conservatory.


A Georgian Conservatory will suit many period homes built between 1720 and 1840 and neo-Georgian homes built since that time. Very few authentic Georgian Conservatories remain apart from those attached to stately homes. Today’s Georgian Conservatories are really only conservatories that have been inspired by the period rather than reproductions of what was built at the time. If you are unfamiliar with Georgian architecture, take a look at those around Abbey Square near the cathedral.


The Victorian boom in Chester from 1840-70 coincided with the Victorian mania for conservatories. This had taken off when engineering allowed the marriage of glass, wrought iron and wood.

There are various styles of Victorian Conservatory as architecture changed substantially throughout Victoria’s long reign. Typical designs include Gothic Conservatories and Tudor inspired buildings typified by the numerous black and white half-timbered buildings in the city.

In addition to Georgian and Victorian designs, we also design Edwardian, conservatories and Farmhouse and Rustic style conservatories for that can suit rural properties away from the city centre.

To discuss the relative benefits of different conservatory design with one of our conservatory designers, contact us now.